I was thinking of writing my first blog for quite a few days but didn’t know where to start from but as they say u must always start from the thing that has inspired u to reach this level ….. So I would be starting with my hubby dear.

He was never an inspiration for me but has become my inspiration when I saw the little world outside, I have read so many blogs, news, seen people, heard stories about male chauvinism in India that made me realize the value of him.

Another thing that I have realized is that all Indian men are not alike, sorry feminist people out there but every society or culture has male chauvinists, it’s just that Indian people have a problem of making a fuss about everything. True there are horrible men lurking like tigers in the street but that doesn’t mean that the Indian male product is a killer animal.?

People have been very skeptical about our marriage and we have faced a lot of questions “like who wears the pants in the house”? On top of that we have an inter religious marriage…

Sometimes the man is good enough but the society makes him change into a horrible species, society is like a virus of cancer that is pure jealous of all the good cells out there in the world

The problem is that we people have been brought up in a narcissist society where we are still struggling for freedom even after 66 years of independence….

We are still confused between what is right and what is wrong…

Society and culture were developed by man to distinguish between humans and animals, society was made for the betterment for the human kind, but what are we doing? We have developed a society that makes us close to animals rather than human beings …..  Humanity is the main base for every society, tradition, culture and religion on this earth not for controlling people to become mere animals…

It is the high time when we need a renaissance in our Indian narcissist society, its high time we change our narcissist society into a humane Indian society…..


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