Tribute to my naricsstic mother


Every time in love I sway,

She mockingly pushed me away,

When my words are too unkind,

I feel the plight of her mind,

Vividly she talks about magic,

I see her struck in some tragic,

All my life in her enclave,

I wanted to be more than a slave,

Such is the face of my mother,

Of a child for whom she didn’t bother,

All my life I needed love,

But got an iron hand in glove,

I missed on those hug and kisses,

Every child’s sweet riches,

Instead got a mother so narcissistic,

With a mind programmed so systematic,

She was so down with her emotions,

Selling my feelings for auctions,

Such is my life in sections,

Empty of love and true perceptions,

When the shoutings of her I could take no more,

Will surely rebel one day, I swore,

Conquest of my revenge took me to a land faraway,

But never permitted me to forget her in any way,

She was there in my shadows,

Even could see her in the morning meadows,

Such was the power this person held,

On the life in which I dwelled,

I called her everday,

Never enough for her in any way,

My mind told her pls go off,

But meant,

Hug me mommy until I die off,

My wishes never came true,

Prayers for her love out of the blue,

One day I took a knife,

Sharp as a cunning wife,

Slit through my heart to see through,

All the hatred and despise that out grew,

But only as far as my vision could reach,

Pure love for her was all that my heart could teach,

Only if she could understand,

Pure love was hand in hand,

All the pain in my heart slided,

The day when in the grave she resided,

Now looking up in the sky,

I still ask why why and WHY????



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